Linda Hutson
Marietta , Georgia
(404) 723-8767
You watch over them in those beginning weeks night and day to make sure everyone is thriving and mom is
coping well too.    What a thrill as you watch them open their eyes and begin those first halting steps to explore
their world.  Before you know it, it is time to decide who will make the show ring and who will be placed in their
forever home.  I like to keep my babies for at least 12 weeks just to make sure they are eating dry food well and
are well adjusted socially.  I have to say each and every Yorkie I have placed so far has been to the most wonderful
owners...thanks to all of you for making a bittersweet time of having to say goodbye, easier.  Please feel free to
browse my website.  I will do my best to answer any questions you might have.

Take Care and God Bless!  
Hello!  My name is Linda Hutson.
I have been breeding and showing Yorkies for over 25 years.
It is alot of hard work but so rewarding in many different ways.  I love the
thrill of seeing my dogs finished to their championship, knowing the judges
appreciate the same qualities that I admire in my dogs.  Breeding can have its
challenges as well as its rewards.  You worry over the mom as labor begins,
praying that it is a safe and healthy delivery for both mom and puppies.